Sports Days in Galway

Sports Days in Galway

Where Are the Sports Day Activities in Galway Based?

All of our sports day activities in Galway are based either in the city centre or in the surrounding areas of the city! We ensure this is the case so that you can easily fit this experience around any other plans you have made with your group. All the venues we use are indoor sports leisure centres or outdoor 3G pitches, and all have enough room for your whole group to enjoy the activity. We take into consideration the time of year and the weather when it comes to deciding exactly what venue to use.

Our Galway Sports Themed Experiences

Old School Sports Day

Channel your inner school kid and jump straight into an old school sports day in Galway. You will be able to get stuck into an experience where you can compete in some classic mini-games. Get ready to play games like egg and spoon, space hopper race and relay races in the ultimate throwback activity. There will also be an event coordinator on the day who will give you all the information while keeping track of the points!

Corporate Sports Days

Treat your team to something a little bit different with our corporate sports days in Galway. It’s the perfect experience that will treat your team with something fun, as well as the chance to inject some friendly competition into the mix. Whether you have a newly formed group, you want to get comfortable around each other or treat the team like this will be perfect. And a great way to get them all out of the office.

Megamix Challenge

Get 2 fun sports games in one fun activity with the megamix challenge in Galway. Choose from sports-themed games like archery, bubble games and sports days and go head-to-head with people in your group. You will be able to earn points along the way, which will go towards your end score. It’s the perfect experience if you want to inject some competition into your group event. And it will be something that everyone will want to get stuck into.