21 Great UK Hen Do Locations to Consider

Best Hen Party Destinations UK

It’s no secret that there are plenty of exciting and unique hen party destinations to consider, but deciding exactly where to go can be challenging!

With so many choices out there, deciding where exactly you want to spend your last weekend of freedom can be tricky. So with that being said, let us show you all the best UK hen party destinations to give you a better idea of what’s on offer.


Pros: Nightlife is one of the best in the country

Cons: It’s the coldest place on earth when it’s windy!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Liverpool

Known for being the crown of all UK hen party destinations, Liverpool is a great place to spend your last weekend of freedom. Not only will you find endless amounts of cool and eclectic places to drink and celebrate, but you’ll also find that most of the city’s biggest and best nightclubs are centred around the Concert Square area, so you won’t be trekking endlessly around the city centre looking for somewhere to party.


Pros: Ridiculous amount of places to have a night out

Cons: London prices - Need we say more?

Best Hen Party Destinations - London

If you’re looking for hen party destinations that offer something for everyone, then London is the perfect place for your last weekend of freedom. Well connected to almost everywhere else in the country, the capital may be expensive, but it is worth considering if you’re looking for endless things to see and do to keep you all busy.


Pros: Lots to do during the day as well as at night

Cons: Nightlife areas are spread out around the city centre

Best Hen Party Destinations - Manchester

Manchester has long been a fantastic UK hen party destination, the unofficial capital of the north, and for good reasons! Being famous for its music culture, it’s no surprise that the nightlife here is fantastic and features loads of exciting and unique bars, nightclubs and pubs that make for a great night out. It’s also well-connected to the rest of the country, making it a great hen party location if you all live in different parts of the country.


Pros: Legendary nightlife scene

Cons: Unless you’re well-rehearsed in “Geordie”, you’ll struggle with the accent after a few!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Newcastle

Tucked away in North-eastern England, Newcastle has been a popular UK hen party destination for many years, only popularised more by the hit MTV series “Geordie Shore”. With many of its most legendary bars and clubs situated along the famous Diamond Strip, this city makes for a top night out no matter where you go.


Pros: Diverse, friendly and vibrant

Cons: The British weather means it’ll probably rain - sorry!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Brighton

If you’re thinking about having your last weekend of freedom during the summer, then Brighton tremendous hen do destination to consider if you want to make the most of the sunshine! Of course, the city’s main features are the beach and pier, but you’ll also find some of the best bars and nightclubs overlooking the seaside too - what’s not to love?


Pros: Large and lively city with a welcoming atmosphere

Cons: You’ll struggle with the local slang after a few cocktails

Best Hen Party Destinations - Leeds

One of the largest cities in the north, Leeds also makes for a wonderful UK hen-do location! With multiple universities in the city, you can guarantee the nightlife is spot on, and there’s no lack of great bars and clubs to explore. During the day, the city centre is blessed with high-end shopping centres and Victorian arcades that are well worth checking out if you want to do some retail therapy.


Pros: Situated in the centre of England - Easy to reach

Cons: Someone in the group will think they’re “up north”

Best Hen Party Destinations - Birmingham

Known as England’s “second city”, Birmingham  is a bustling and lively city that’s perfect for hosting your last weekend of freedom - Long famous for its great nightlife, the city also has a ridiculous amount of places to shop, such as the Bullring, Star City and tonnes of entertainment areas like Theatreland and The Mailbox.


Pros: Laid-back city with a great atmosphere

Cons: The accent is hilarious - Remember, laugh with them, not at them!

border-radius: 5%; Best Hen Party Destinations - Bristol

Known for rich culture and history, hosting your celebrations in Bristol is an excellent idea for the nightlife and its laid-back atmosphere during the day. The city has many great places to party, as we’ve mentioned, but here you’ll also find some great places to chill out during the day and many historical landmarks due to the city’s maritime history.


Pros: Great public transport across the city

Cons: Known for being expensive, similar to other capitals

Best Hen Party Destinations - Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a stunning city that’s rarely overlooked when it comes to popular UK hen party destinations. Even though this city is HUGE, the centre feels warm and welcoming with its beautiful buildings and wide-open streets. Of course, being a big university town too, you can expect the nightlife to be nothing short of “wild”!


Pros: Locals are known for their great banter

Cons: Can take a while to reach from the Midlands or the North of England

Best Hen Party Destinations - Cardiff

The capital of Wales, Cardiff s easily the best place in the country for a night out (sorry Swansea). With a bustling nightlife backed by its vast student population, this vibrant city has great places to check out during the day, like Roald Dahl Plass, Mermaid Quay and St David’s Shopping Centre.


Pros: Cute and cosy city - Great atmosphere

Cons: Can take a while to reach if travelling from across the country

Best Hen Party Destinations - York

An ancient Roman city tucked away in North Yorkshire, York is also a brilliant UK hen party destination, especially if you’re looking for a cute and cosy setting for your last weekend of freedom. Despite its historical and medieval streets, this city is anything but boring! On roads like Swinegate and Micklegate, you’ll find all of the top places to drink, dance and party, and seeing as though this is also a big student town, you’ll find that there’s always something going on no matter what day it is.


Pros: Great late-bars and plenty to do during the day

Cons: Lack of nightclubs

Best Hen Party Destinations - Chester

Another historic city that’s best known for its annual race days, Chester is our own home, so we think it’s fair to say this is a brilliant place to spend your last night of freedom! During the day, there’s plenty to see and do here, including Chester Zoo, the stunning Cathedral and boating on the River Dee on a sunny day - What could be better?


Pros: Lively nightlife that’s underrated compared to the rest of the UK

Cons: You’ll need to get here by boat or plane

Best Hen Party Destinations - Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is often overlooked when it comes to great UK hen party destinations, and we think that’s unfair, to say the least! During the day, this city has loads of great stuff to see and do that details Belfast’s long maritime history, like the Titanic Museum. At night, the town comes alive as its many bars and nightclubs open their doors up to partygoers ‘til the early hours of the morning.


Pros: The locals know how to party!

Cons: Lots of hills - Prepare to walk or plan taxi rides!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Sheffield

The largest city in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is best known for its musical culture, home to some of the most legendary British artists like The Human League, Pulp and Arctic Monkeys. Being one of Europe’s greenest cities, Sheffield is a stunning place to host your last weekend of freedom if you want to stay in a busy city that doesn’t feel overcrowded. In terms of nightlife, you can expect to find many eclectic clubs and bars here too!


Pros: Friendly people and one of the best nightlife scenes in Scotland

Cons: Even after one drink, you won’t understand the accent

Best Hen Party Destinations - Glasgow

Scotland’s second city, Glasgow, might be one of those hen party locations you haven’t considered yet. Still, this city is a great place to spend your last weekend of freedom if you want somewhere unique and exciting to celebrate. With endless bars and nightclubs around the city centre, it’s also brilliant for shopping during the day! When it comes to getting around, the city also has a fantastic metro system that will get you from A to B in no time.


Pros: Stunning city famous for its beautiful buildings and river punting

Cons: Lack of nightclubs in the city centre

Best Hen Party Destinations - Cambridge

Known for its world-class university, Cambridge is a very underrated UK hen party destination! It is a lovely place to explore during the day with its beautiful architecture and numerous parks, and it also has plenty of places to shop and many brilliant late-night bars where you can drink, dance and party on your last night of freedom.


Pros: Not as busy as other destinations we’ve mentioned

Cons: Only has a handful of nightclubs and late-bars

Best Hen Party Destinations - Windsor

If you’re not a fan of all the hustle and bustle of Britain’s big cities, then Windsor might be the perfect place to host your last night of freedom. Situated just outside the capital, this town is best known for its royal castle, quaint streets and lively pubs. With a great shopping centre known as Windsor Yards to explore during the day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider this underrated UK hen party destination.


Pros: Not as busy as other cities but still offers plenty to see & do

Cons: Can take long to reach if you’re not from the South

Best Hen Party Destinations - Portsmouth

Situated on the south coast, Portsmouth is a wonderful place to take the girls on your last weekend of freedom. Britain’s only island city, Portsmouth, is packed full of great stuff to see and do during the day, like the Spinnaker Tower, shopping at Gunwharf Quays and the historic dockyard. The city offers a brilliant nightlife scene at night to keep you drinking and dancing all night.


Pros: Quaint and cosy - Known for its welcoming atmosphere

Cons: You can’t actually go for a dip in the Roman Baths - This isn’t Budapest!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Bath

Another one of Britain’s historical Roman cities, Bath can be found in the southwest of England and is one of those UK hen do destinations many overlook. Even though you can’t use the Roman Baths these days, many places around the city centre offer luxurious spa packages. When it comes to nightlife, you’ll find that pretty much all the best bars and nightclubs are very close together, making bar and club-hopping more than easy.


Pros: Stunning city - Everything about it screams “Englishness”

Cons: You’ll feel like the un-poshest people in the whole city, no matter where you’re from

Best Hen Party Destinations - Oxford

Perfect for the Downton Abbey and Harry Potter fans out there, Oxford is a classic UK hen party destination offering a little bit of everything. During the day, places like Westgate Oxford will keep you busy with its endless number of shops and other eclectic landmarks like the Radcliffe Camera and the famous university. The nightlife is also one to be rivalled, with plenty of late bars and nightclubs for you and the girls to explore.


Pros: Popular nightlife thanks to its two universities

Cons: Despite being in the Midlands, the accent will confuse you!

Best Hen Party Destinations - Leicester

Almost right in the middle of England you’ll find the fantastic city of Leicester,  last but certainly not least on this list of excellent UK hen-do destinations! With loads of great places to shop in the city centre during the day, you’ll also find some brilliant nightclubs and classy late-night bars that will be the perfect setting for your last night of freedom.

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