10 Exciting Outdoor Games for Large Groups

Fun Outdoor Games for Large Groups of Adults

Feel like big kids and let loose with some of these fun outdoor games.

Whether you are a large family wanting some fun games or you have a corporate event booked and need some sort of entertainment for your guests. We have done some research and put together a great list of some outdoor games for adults that you can book and some outdoor games that you can organise yourself! There are so many benefits to playing sports, they will inject some friendly competition into your day as well as give you the chance to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Top 10 Outdoor Games for Large Groups

1. Old School Sports Day

Old School Sports Day

Old school sports day would make a great outdoor game for a large group of adults for a number of different reasons. It gives everyone the chance to feel like big kids as you get involved in a variety of sports day themed games. All the adults will split up into smaller groups where you will go head to head in races like the relay race, egg and spoon, sack race and more! This experience will definitely bring out your competitive side whilst being good fun for everyone involved.

2. Rounders


If you have got enough space, rounders would make a great outdoor game for a large group of adults. People of all ages and abilities love rounders and it is a game that can be tailored to each player. It’s definitely a game that will inject some friendly competition into your day and make it an experience to remember. The best thing about rounders is that all you need is a bat and a ball then you can make the posts yourself. But if you want to buy a full rounders set we have found one here.

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3. Megamix Challenge

Megamix Challenge

The megamix challenge will be the perfect thing if you want something active, competitive, fun and an outdoor game that is perfect for adults. Choose your favourite games from the ones available and create your own day full of fun. The games available are things like bubble games, archery tag, electric shock football, goggle football, dodgeball and more! You can tailor the experience to suit your group and everyone’s abilities.

4. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Another great game that doesn’t require any pre-planning would be a garden game like giant jenga. Its quick and easy to set up and a game that everyone will definitely get involved in. A usual game of jenga is one that will bring out everyone’s competitive side so upping the scale of the jenga tower will surely make everyone even more competitive. We have found a great giant jenga set from Charlie’s that you can buy here.

5. Bubble Football

Bubble Football

Bubble football will provide you with an experience that is fun, energetic, and memorable. This event will let you and your group have a go at a 5 a side game of football. Start with a safety briefing and a fun warm up before you get onto the really fun stuff. You will each be encased inside of a zorb bubble suit and your main aim will be to score goals against your opposing teams. But its not that easy you will find yourself bashing, crashing, and rolling all around the pitch.

6. Water Fight

Water Fight

In the summer months sometimes there is nothing better than letting loose and having a water fight. Even if you didn’t want to take part in a game like this as soon as everyone starts you won’t be able to resist! You could go all out and buy water guns like the ones we have found on The Entertainer, or just get some water balloons and go all out with the fun. Either way it’s a great game to play outdoors no matter how old you are.

7. Goofy Games

Goofy Games

The goofy games event is an experience where you can all take part in 9 silly games that use inflatables to create each game! There are loads of fun themed games depending on what location you are based in. The activity goes on for 2-3 hours and you will have a host who will take you through each game. Play games like tug of war, gladiator and many more, you will be in fits of laughter as you try to complete each game.

8. Swing Ball

Swing Ball

Another classic outdoor game that any group of adults wont be able to resist is swing ball. Split everyone up into smaller teams and put together a swing ball tournament. It will be perfect if you are looking to inject some friendly competition into your event. There are so many amazing swing ball sets that you can buy at great prices, we’ve found some in Argos that may be perfect for your outdoor event.

9. Dodgeball


Dodgeball will definitely inject some friendly competition into your outdoor games for adults. It will test your aim as you duck, dodge, and dive around the court trying to get the other team out. Each team will be allocated a different coloured bib so you can easily point out who you need to aim at. You will have an event co-ordinator who will be your referee and when the event starts they will run through everything you need to know before the game.

10. Football Match

Football Match

If you are planning an outdoor event for a large group of adults and want something that everyone can get involved in why not add a football match to your day? Perfect if you are organising something for work as each office can be a set team for the game. Get some coloured bibs and footballs and put together a tournament for each team to compete in. You could also go that extra mile and get a trophy ordered for the winning team,

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